Why Quantity Survey Course?

1. Insights on Quantity Survey

A Civil engineers should understand that quantity survey, construction estimation, Cost management and Value engineering are a vital part in Structuring the whole construction process. It ultimately helps to arrive at the most optimum alternative for the project which creates a significant impact in terms of cost, time, quality and methodology.

Why Quantity Survey is required and how does it fit in the construction industry ?

A famous quote stating “There is always a room for improvement” is the best fit description of why quantity survey and estimation is to be done by experts. Every construction project is unique in nature and with every activity related to it brings the following questions to the project stake holders i.e. how to go about it? What is required for this? how much will it cost? Which approach is the best one? And how will it save time and money? Two word answer to these questions is Quantity Survey.

What does a Quantity Surveyor do ?

The Quantity Survey professionals, also known as a Construction Economist or Cost Manager are professionals who prepares quantity reports, estimates and monitor construction costs from the feasibility stage of a project through to the completion of the construction period and advises the construction industry. After construction they may be involved with tax depreciation schedules, replacement cost estimation for insurance purposes and, if necessary, mediation and arbitration.

Construction Economist and Cost Manager work closely with project stakeholders like builders, developers, project owners, architects, consultants, financiers, engineers, contractors, suppliers, accountants, insurance underwriters, solicitors and Courts and with all levels of government authorities.

2. QS at various construction stages

Feasibility stage – Quantity Survey

At feasibility stage quantity surveyors use their knowledge of construction methods and costs to advise the owner on the most economical alternative of achieving their requirements. Various techniques may be used such as Estimation, Cost studies, Cost Analysis, Cash flow planning and Value Management to establish a project budget and block estimate.

Design stage – Quantity Survey

During design stage the quantity surveyor ensures that the design remains on budget through Cost Management. Essential additions are compensated by identifying other savings. Quantity surveyors also have expertise in preparation of Bill of Quantities which is measured from design drawings, to be used by the contractors for tendering and for processing payments, for variations and changes and ultimately for statistics, taxation and valuation. The contractors quantity surveyors and estimators generally prepare tenders, and may provide price alternatives for consideration.

Construction stage – Quantity Survey

During construction the quantity surveyors may be called on to fairly value progress and do reconciliation and certify payments at regular intervals. They will also value changes to design or quantities which may arise due to amendment in specifications in item of works or deviation order. The contractors quantity surveyor prepares claims for RA bills, additional work and final bills.

Post construction stage – Quantity Survey

Post construction the quantity surveyor also produce depreciation schedules of the various project components and advise on realistic insurance replacement costs. Quantity surveyor is often called on as an expert witness in case of construction disputes and some quantity surveyors may act as arbitrators.

Refurbishment & maintenance stage – Quantity Survey

Quantity surveyors also use their expertise in refurbishment of old buildings, alterations to existing buildings and insurance replacement estimates. Quantity surveyors must have orderly and analytical minds and be prepared to work to very rigid time schedules. As decisions involving large sums of money are often made using information produced by them they must be accurate in all aspects of their work.

3. As a civil engineer why should you do the QS Masterclass quantity survey course?

Quantity survey knowledge from this course will help you gain and strengthen knowledge on following skills

  • Quantity take offs from drawings
  • Preparing material reports for various 
    work packages
  • Preparing rate analysis for various works
  • Preparing cost reports and cost plan for the
    construction project
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Preparing, negotiating and analysing costs 
    for tenders and contracts
  • Doing project reconciliation
  • Preparing RA bills

This knowledge gives you an added advantage in the construction industry

This will help you seek jobs overseas. More over you have a better chance at getting promoted in your work place. This will help someone who has been looking forward to switch their profiles to Quantity survey. Overall, this is a complete package for you if you want to upgrade yourselves to the management and decision-making position in your career.

We are also offering

  • Actual construction project Cad drawings to download and practice.
  • Editable and downloadable excel sheet formats for various works of construction which can be readily used up for report preparation of your construction projects.
  • The course also includes various workshops demonstrating report preparation from actual construction project.
  • We have a tips and tricks section which helps you further perfect your report preparation skills.


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